Delivery all over the Scandinavia within 1 week

building material transport
In Homer we deliver all our orders to all over the Scandinavia.
Some delivery prices as an example (incl Estonian VAT20%):
1 pallet to Stckholm, Sweden =120€, full truck to Helsinki area 780€.
1 full truck to Stockholm area 1450€
Half truck 15 pallets to Oslo area 1200€
*According to international delivery terms consignee (in our case Homer customer) is responsible for unloading the order from truck/trailer
*In special conditions we can organize unloading at destination with extra costs

NB! Transport price to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia will be calculated automatically to other counties you first need to make order and then we confirm transport costs and if accepted then you can pay for the order. Inside EU the companies with EU tax number buy with 0% VAT. All the prices in Homer store INCLUDE Estonian VAT 20%.

Transport methods
International freights are made with big trailer trucks. Small orders are delivered by courrier Omniva (Estonian post) or some other. We use only well known transport comapnies like DSV, Schenker, Itella, Ahola.
Small shipmentsSpecial deliveriesStandard deliveriesSelf pick up
How to choose transport method?
It is simple. 99% of deliveries are made by courriers or standard trucks. Special deliveries are too expansive but we can offer them too.
• In the cart choose delivery method
• In Finland, Sweden and Norway our cart automatically calculates delivery price. For other countries you need to place order and we will contact immediately to confirm delivery costs.
• If you need special delivery just choose "self-pick up" and add to notes special instructions - we will contact to you shortly and make offer
• Our customer service contacts to you during the working hours, within 1h after you have placed the new order
Attention when ordering transport!
Make sure that the truck has maneuver space. You have to provide unloading room for the truck and for the unloading equipment. Unloading with tailboard the surface must be rock hard as asphalt or concrete. With crane unloading the must be air space for the crane to work..... and so on. Of course our customer service will try to specialy all the important questions as every order has its own face just to make sure that delivery process goes smooth.

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